Thursday, December 29, 2005

Happy Holidays !!

By Kumiko Mohri

When I was 10 or 11 years old, the phone rang on December 20. My mom called me “Kumi-chan (which is my nickname), this call is for you.”

K: Hello!
S: Ho, Ho, Ho, is this Kumi-chan? I’m Santa Claus. How are you?

K: How can this be Santa, I heard that he was Swedish, but you speak perfect Japanese?

S: Yes, yes, because I’m still apprentice of the oldest Swedish one and in charge of Japan these years. So how are you?

K: Are you serious? Well…, I’m fine, thank you. And you?
S: Good. Everything is OK? How is your school days?

K: Yes, that’s OK, sometimes baaaad, but almost OK. So who are you actually? Why did you call me? This is the first time for me.

S: Ho, Ho, Ho! You know that I’m not your Dad, or any relative right? So I’m Santa Claus for your area. I just called you to ask you what you want for Christmas this year.

K: Wait! I believe my true Santa Claus has the telepathy to know it. So I’m trying to keep it a secret at all this time.

S: That’s why I called you. I couldn’t see anything for you this year so I had to confirm directly.

K: Nooooo, no, no. I just relieve the real Swedish oldest one has telepathy, so he must know it. Please ask him about me.

S: Nooooo, no, no. Imagine how he is busy for all kids all over the world, so I’m helping him like this. I know you got a nice doll house last year and a tiny knitting tools the year before last, right?

K: Oh, Oh, Ye, Yeees, that is right. Oh, well, Wow? You really got me then.
S: Yes I did.

K: How could you do it? Our house doesn’t have a chimney though?
S: That’s easy. I just open your roof and ceiling and jump to the floor.

K: Are you sure? That was exactly what I’ve guessed though, it sounds really hard for you to do that at all kid’s houses in Japan, just for the one night, isn’t it?

S: Ho, Ho, Ho! Never mind! Because I’m trained well for it. Like Ninja! Yeah! So what do you want this Christmas?

K: Hmmm. I want you to use your telepathy.

S: Hey, come on! I have to call the next kid after this call, so already no time today, especially this week. If you didn’t say anything now, it could mean that you don’t want any present from me, never ever. Is it really OK?

K: Nooo! Wait! OK, I surrender. What I want this Christmas is a mini mini sewing machine.

S: Ho, Ho, Ho! Goood! You finally said that!

K: Do you have that kind of machine there?

S: Sure, don’t worry about our jobs. And for next year, please say what you want to any adult in your house with your real voice, not only your telepathy, then I can hear you immediately. OK?

K: OK. I will. Well…Thank you for your calling today and presents this year.
S: You are very welcome Kumi-chan. Ho, Ho, Ho! Bye-bye!

He just left and I surely got a mini mini sewing machine in the morning by my pillow, on December 25.


Wishing you, your family and all friends a Merry Xmas, and
a Happy New Year!!

From New York

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